Each member contribution is highly valued and welcomed


KCM (Kamba Community of Minnesota) is a member-centric organization and therefore each member contribution is highly valued and welcomed. With this in mind, KCM has created several committees charged with formulating ideas, sharing/communicating the ideas and if approved by members, working towards making the ideas a reality. The decentralization of duties makes it possible for the organization to achieve the following:

  • Tap into the diverse skill sets of professionals within the organization
  • Actively engage members in its activities by giving them an avenue to share their ideas and interact with other members
  • Building a strong community network by pooling available resources
  • Challenging our members to come up with solutions to our endeavors as an organization
  • Mandating members to shape the destiny of the organization through collaboration

Leadership Team

Board Of Directors

Sylvester Mutune Mutisya
Sylvester Mutune MutisyaChair-Person
Josephine Muthoki Mbiti
Josephine Muthoki MbitiVice Chair-Person
Catherine Mutio Kelling
Catherine Mutio KellingSecretary
Steve Muia Mwele
Steve Muia MweleTreasurer