About KCM

KCM (Kamba Community on Minnesota)

Members in the Diaspora originating from the Eastern Province of Kenya

We the Kamba (Akamba in the plural) are a Bantu ethnic group who live in the semi-arid Eastern Province of Kenya stretching east from Nairobi to Tsavo and north up to Embu, Kenya. Our land is called Ukambani. Statistically, we are the fourth largest Community in Kenya.

KCM (Kamba Community on Minnesota) is made up of members in the Diaspora originating from the Eastern Province of Kenya who share a common goal of developing and empowering its members and the communities around them by harnessing their individual skills and resources. This will be realized through networking and outreach programs developed by the members and well wishers.

Membership is drawn mostly from Machakos, Makueni and Kitui counties of the eastern province of Kenya with a combined population of 3,222,472 (as of 2009 national census).

Lack of water in Ukambani has been the biggest impediment to development

The Challenges

Despite all the accolades, individual achievements and strong representation in different governments since independence, Kamba’s and the Ukambani region continue to lag behind in development in comparison with areas that enjoyed the same and continue to suffer from perennial problems since independence.

Lack of water in Ukambani has been the biggest impediment to development and generation of wealth due to the seasonality and high dependence on Rain water. Poor infrastructure, poor policies from the government and local leadership, lack of strategic development planning, poor governance, poor or lack of resource allocations and political goodwill continue to wreck havoc to livelihoods and the future for hundreds of thousands in the community with no end in sight.

Members of KCM have a goal to make a difference

Our True North

Members of KCM (Kamba Community of Minnesota) have a goal to make a difference, one child at a time, one village at a time through community driven and focused projects with the hope that with time, the community as whole will realize that we, as a people, are the only change that will make lasting impact in the community. Areas to be tackled will be to:

  • Promote cultural, socio-economic and educational well being of its members
  • Promote a strong community support system for its members

  • Promote Education through bursary funds and scholarships
  • Promote Exchange programs through partnering with US based institutions of higher learning
  • Promote health and wellness through Safe and clean drinking water, drilling boreholes and supporting healthcare centers
  • Promote practical solutions that fit the needs of the Kamba community and are aligned to KCM goals through collaboration, research and awareness
  • Promote and plan programs that stimulate trade and cultural exchanges between the US and Kenya, especially the Ukambani region