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KCM (Kamba Community of Minnesota)

We encourage you to join and actively engage in activities that will benefit you

Welcome to KCM where community empowerment, development and enrichment is entrenched in our foundation. Our primary objective is to be the umbrella unit for the Kamba Community and Friends within Minnesota. As an organization we strive to empower our community members through activities such as mentorship, bursaries, education, provision of safe drinking water and supporting social entrepreneurship. This is possible through partnering with other NGO’s, schools, churches, governments and communities.

We would like to extend a formal invitation to you to join us as we share the rich history and knowledge of our culture while tackling the daily hustles and bustles of life. Membership into the organization is open to anyone who would like to share our common values. Kindly take a minute to explore our community activities and we encourage you to join and actively engage in activities that will benefit you, me and our society in the communities we belong to.

More About KCM

Our Mission

  • To harness and tap into the diverse resources bestowed upon our members
  • To embrace and promote our abilities as individuals and as members of our community

  • To grow ourselves and our communities, here in Minnesota and back at home

  • To make a difference, to bring change, one person and one community at a time

Education, Social & Community Empowerment

Empowerment Initiatives

KCM (Kamba Community of Minnesota) organization is fully committed in making its members and their communities successful by tapping into locally available resources and human skills. The driving force behind this noble goal is the quest for self reliance and sustainability which may not be as easy as it sounds, but with belief, self determination and commitment, can be achieved. Collaborations, workshops, research and communication are some of the methods used by the organization towards the realization of these goals.

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